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Arguable one of Toronto's most integrated barber palor, Clean Cuts Barbershop is not just a service but an atmosphere that gives true meaning to the phrase "customer first". Our expert barbers have decades of experience cutting all hair types for all races, color and creed. Clean Cuts Barbershop is a melting pot of a barber shop, where kids, teens, adults, mums and dads, seniors and students all reserve a chair to experience the real masters of barbering.

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Inskip "Skip" is the owner of Clean Cuts Barbershop with Masters in Barbering - London School of Barbering, UK and Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Barbering. He holds a Diploma in Creative Cuts & Colour Course from UK's TONI&GUY Education. His craft trascends race, gender and hair texture types. He also holds Masters in Babering from the Ontario Barber Asscociation, He has passed the BODYSAFE Personal Services Settings Infection Prevention and Control Course by Toronto Public Health.



Jacob has been a professional barber and stylist since his teens. Known for his freindly easy-going attitude his way with kids, teens and adults when doing what he loves doing best is very much admired by all. If you are looking for expert haircut services with a friendly touch and attention to detail then Jacob is your man. His station is always clean and sanitized. His attention to detail is impeccable as he makes the entire experience worth repeating.



With his signature artisitc lines, creatvie fades and out of the box appraoch, Richard - the man of many talents - will awe you with his ability to cut and style on a level you did not expect. Seeing him cut and style is a different experience on it's own. From toddlers to adults,  ladies and men, Richard can make any head don the perfect nouveau haircut. He is a well known barber in the 416 area with a long reservation list waiting for him - all the time!


Reservations can be booked one week in advance!

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