Multicultural Barbershop Toronto

Arguable one of Toronto's most integrated barber palor, Clean Cuts Barbershop is not just a service but an atmosphere that gives true meaning to the phrase "customer first". Our expert barbers have decades of experience cutting all hair types for all races, color and creed. Clean Cuts Barbershop is a melting pot of a barber shop, where kids, teens, adults, mums and dads, seniors and students all reserve a chair to experience the real masters of barbering.

adults teens & kids

Prices range from Senior Barber, Junior Barber and Apprentice. Reservations can be booked one week in advance!
Taxes not included.

Adult haircut / SR BARBER: $40 / JR BARBER: $32 / APPRENTICE: $25
Students & Seniors / SR BARBER: $34 / JR BARBER: $30 / APPRENTICE: $22
Kids (under 10) / SR BARBER: $32 / JR BARBER: $28 / APPRENTICE: $20
reserve a chair!